August 16, 2016

Operations & Facilities

From its 4000m2 plant south of Johannesburg, which is equipped with state-of-the-art computerised systems, the company fabricates some 2000t of steel per annum for the commercial, industrial, mining and power sectors. ITL Stainless and Steel Services has its own fleet of trucks and mobile cranes.

With a Level  2 BEE rating and a 51% black woman owned, we are experienced and have project management, design, shop detailing, fabrication, abrasive blast cleaning and corrosion protection and erection capabilities.
We employ over 40 staff currently, from machine operators , boilermakers to our cleaning staff, all working together towards a common goal. We  currently have 4  installation  teams  and 10  sub contract installers who are all well versed in our installations and have plenty of experience under their belts.
The factory and office operates Monday to Friday from 07h00 – 17h00 and Saturdays from 07h00 – 13h00. Our installations team operate as per site requirements, in order to ensure delivery of our work timeously.

Our service centre has a capacity of 300 tonnes per month structural, plate steel cut to size service. Our workshop has capacity of circa 150 tons per month depending on the category of steelwork.

Workshop equipment
Bystronics laser 7kw
2 x Band saw
Drill machines
10 x Co2 Welding machines
1x Clear Cut Plasma cutter CNC
1 x Ficep plate plasma processor with drilling and punching
1x Peddinghaus  Angle Master CNC
1x Ficep Beam Drill Line CNC
1x Peddinghaus Beam Drill Line
Press Brake CNC
Plate Rollers
4000 workshop serviced by 3x 8 T overhead cranes
1500 workshop serviced by a 5 ton crane
3000 Sqm  laydown area
1x 100 ton mobile crane
2×50 ton mobile crane
2x 25 ton mobile crane
2x Mercedes-Benz Actros 2648
2x 17m extendable trailer